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Organization Certification:
Certified Attachment-Focused Organization


The organization certification program is designed for residential treatment centers, wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, group homes, and other residential programs that use an attachment model for programing, services, operations, and treatment and for outpatient clinics.  The certification program warrants that the organization uses an attachment model and philosophy in its operations.


  1. Each therapist will have completed 32 hours* of training in attachment-focused treatment and have two DVD’s of sessions reviewed and approved by the Attachment-Focused Treatment Institute. 
  2. The program director and clinical supervisors will have completed a minimum of 30 hours* of training in attachment-focused treatment.
  3. The clinical supervisors or at least two of the clinical staff must be certified attachment-focused therapists. 
  4. Mileu staff supervisors will be certified attachment-focused professionals.
  5. Mileu staff will have completed 24 hours* of training in attachment-focused treatment.
  6. All other organization staff will have 8 hours** of training in attachment-focused treatment.
  7. Annually, the organization will provide at least 8 hours of training for its mileu and clinical staff in attachment-focused treatment.
  8.  Every two years, the organization will provide 16 hours of training for its clinical and mileu staff who have been newly hired since the initial date of certification and each two years thereafter. 
  9. Organizations that offer at least monthly consultation with an Institute consultant for its clinical staff, supervisors, program director, and/or mileu staff will be awarded Certification with Distinction.  A minimum of two hours a month of consultation will satisfy this requirement.

*This training may be provided by either the Attachment-Focused Treatment Institute approved trainers or other approved trainers, training programs, or institutes or from organization staff who are certified by the Attachment-Focused Treatment Institute.
**These training hours may be provided by the organization’s certified staff or clinical director.

After organizational certification, newly hired staff will have two years within which to complete the requirements. 


  1. The Organization must have licensing necessary to operate within their jurisdiction or have certification by a national certification body such as the Joint Commission or COA.
  2. Certification will be for a two year period. 
  3. Application fee is $200.  Renewal fee is $200.


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