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DDP Certified Attachment-Focused Therapist

Certification in Attachment-Focused Therapy is for therapists who provide treatment to individuals, couples, and families.  Therapists certified will be able to apply the principles and methods of attachment-focused therapy in their practice.  The therapist will be familiar with the differential use of the components of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy in different phases of treatment. 

Attachment-Focused Therapy is the application of attachment theory to the practice of psychotherapy, counseling, and treatment.  It considers the latest advances in the neuro-biology of interpersonal behavior and how this affects relationships and behavior.  The use of an evidence-based, effective, and empirically validated model (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) is one element of practice.  The certified Attachment-Focused Therapists is encouraged to integrate other methods and approaches into their work, all within the context of the guiding principles of Attachment-Focused Therapy.  These principles include an emphasis on the intersubjective sharing of experience, the importance of relationship, an understanding of the phases of treatment and how this affects the relationship experience, and a general understanding of both the importance of and limitations of experience in psychotherapy. 

Overview of steps to become DDP certified

1. Complete 48 hours of training
2. Provide evidence that you are authorized to practice in your jurisdiction, evidence of applicable insurance, signed attestation form.
3. Completion of the Consultation-Practicum: review of a minimum of six DVDs.

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