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The Attachment-Focused Treatment Institute is a collaborative venture of the Academy For Human Development's Graduate Counseling Program and The Center For Family Development.  It certifies practitioners in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. The Attachment-Focused Treatment Institute was founded to provide training and certification in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and treatment methods based on attachment theory. 

Attachment-Focused Treatment includes psychotherapy, family therapy, and work by other professionals using the principles of attachment theory to guide interventions, treatment, and programs. 

Certification is offered in conjunction with the Academy of Human Development's graduate Counseling program, a university in Singapore, and The Center for Family Development. CEU’s are awarded through the University and the Board of Psychology, Indiana. 

There are four Certifications offered:

DDP Certified Attachment-Focused Therapist

DDP Certified Attachment-Focused Family Therapist

DDP Certified Attachment-Focused Professional

DDP Certified Attachment-Focused Organization

Overview of Steps to Become Certified

The Therapist Certification is for mental health providers. The Professional Certification is for residential treatment center staff, Occupational Therapists, therapeutic foster carers, educators, and others who wish to use Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Attachment-Focused Treatment methods in their work.

Certification by the Institute means that the professional has completed a comprehensive course of advanced study in the practice and application of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, attachment theory, and the latest advances in interpersonal neurobiology to treatment, parenting, programming, and practice. 

Attachment-Focused Treatment is grounded in attachment theory, the neurobiology of interpersonal experience, and uses methods and principles from Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. 

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy is an evidence-based, effective, and empirically validated treatment that is grounded in current thinking and research on the etiology and treatment of Complex Trauma or Developmental Trauma Disorder and disorders of attachment. It is now recognized as a general approach to treatment. Treatment is primarily experiential. Teaching parents about attachment-facilitating parenting methods and the importance of attunement and responsive, sensitive parenting is essential.

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